The testimony of E.P. shamanism, buddhism, new age (inglés)

The testimony of E.P. shamanism, buddhism, new age (inglés)

Nos da mucho gusto poder recibir testimonios de todo el mundo, y nos alegra no llegar solamente a la comunidad de habla hispana, sino a otros países que pueden leer los artículos mediante el traductor. Este artículo lo dejamos en su lenguaje original.

Since I was a child, I always had a “feeling” that something was watching me.  I was very aware to the feelings and emotions of the adults around me, and very spiritually mature at a young age. I would never actually see anything but would know that there was something there.

I always had a sense of knowing what people were thinking of feeling by just observing them. I grew up both Mormon, and Catholic. So, I knew about God, and would pray to Him. New Age things were always around even though not under that name. Mostly around my Catholic side of the family. Due to some early exposure to pornography, and sexual molestation I became a very perverted child then adult. I think this opened me up to a world of things that lead to the New Age. I also believe that witchcraft was prevalent in my ancestors. I was always living in my head, so it was also the perfect combination to open myself up for demonic activity.

When I was in my late teens, I started dealing with tarot cards, horoscope. I was starting to make up my own religion, although I would come in and out of the Mormon church. My desire for God was there, and I would pray to Him all through this. I also had, depression, hate, rejection, pride, anger, the perfect combination for the enemy to use to promote self-help. During this time, I started to really experience pictures were the faces would move, crazy dreams, and an awful relationship with my mother.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I found out my dad had prostate cancer. By this time, I was already being trained on how to look for natural things for self-healing. I was really depressed and searching for truth. During this search I started to follow Will Smith´s kids on Instagram, who are full of the occult. I started to see synchronicities everywhere. I then started to see numbers 222,333 etc. All the Instagram pages kept me going deeper and deeper to what I thought was the truth. I started to think I was developing telepathy, and thought I was being “led”. Then I was told I was an Indigo child, who was here to wake up humanity to the truth, and to elevate the world’s vibration.

I then through synchronicities was “led” to YouTube channel “Infinite Waters” a guy named Ralph Smart. One of the worst decisions I have ever made. By this time, I was extremely depressed thinking that I was just ascending.  He was feeding the narrative on why I always felt different and as if I didn’t belong in this world. How I would just cope and pretend my way through life trying to mold myself to my surroundings. Well this channel was explaining to me why that was. Every video was “meant to be”. I didn’t realize I was being hypnotized daily. I would watch him all day almost. I then became vegan, and even left my job. I went jobless for a year, meditating, doing yoga, living in another dimension literally. I was walking barefoot, not shaving, listening to spirits, tarot cards daily, always looking for signs everywhere. I also thought I came from the stars, Orion to be exact. I was going down the whole to hell literally. This guy and many new agers are dangerous, and unfortunately deceived. He also led me to Teal Swan, another dangerous person. In a matter of 3 years I had destroyed my mind and my life some more. I had always struggled with my weight and the enemy knew this. During this time, I lost over 90 pounds through veganism.

I ended up thinking this guy and I were meant to be. That I would need to be with him to live out my purpose. I was having dreams about him and trying to communicate telepathically with him. I then spent $350 dollars speaking with him because I “felt” I had to talk to him and meet him. I almost moved to California thinking this was it. I also started to automatic write a couple of “poems”. I thought no one understood and that I was sooo special. I was now sleeping with crystals and meditating everywhere. Weird people would come in and out of my life, with all the same topics. I started reading channeled books, etc… I was also led to quantum physics, esoteric knowledge, just total wickedness. I literally lived on angel numbers to know what was going on. I started to also be obsessed with Egypt, South America, Shamanism. I wanted to become a shaman, I went to go speak with one and after being introduced to him he walked away from me.

Since this wasn’t enough, I was then recruited by this Buddhist cult. It’s called Nichiren Buddhism, an evil deception. I would chant daily day and night. I was in total confusion.  When the Lord opened up my eyes it was a pain trying to get out. This people border line followed me for a while. I saw how demonic they are.

I don’t remember how but I came across one of Arella’s videos. I was able to relate to most of the things she was saying. All the Glory be to God, that I was able to leave that path. I repented and continue to repent for all the things that I was involved with. The Lord Jesus Christ is THE ONLY WAY. And like you have mentioned His bible is the only point of reference, the only Truth.  I claim Him as my Lord and Savior and will trust Him for my salvation! At the beginning the attacks were intense since I was coming out. I was supposed to share my testimony 2 years ago and it was as if I could never get around it. This truly messed up my life. I am still trying to recover. By the Grace of God, I was able to come out and find channels like this one to help, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They helped me find a biblically sound church thank God!

Thank God too for all your boldness!

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  • Mirando esas fotografías parece que tienen la mirada perdida. No sé si es impresión mia pero parecen colocados o en trance.

  • Hola comunidad! en casi todos los relatos que he leído, hay una característica común: La depresión. Parece ser el camino que nos conduce a buscar la salida. Buscar al verdadero Dios, de todos modos, solo Dios sabe y permite que todo suceda porque estamos en su llamado y en su propósito. Y todo lo que los “famosos”muestran en las fotografías no es más que sus señales de “pertenecer”…cada vez son más alevosos porque la gente ya acepta sin chistar lo que el grupete de la élite nos impone a través de su agenda

    • Hola hermana,
      Es cierto… muchos de nosotros tuvimos que tocar fondo para reaccionar y pedir ayuda al Padre. Esto debe ser parte del proceso de quiebre de nuestros inflados egos para lograr que por fin busquemos a Dios, cuando vemos que nada nos funciona y que la nueva era no está sirviendo para nada. Los humanos tenemos egos muy grandes y somos muy necios, así que en ocasiones solo con una buena sacudida nos humillamos ante nuestro Creador. Es lamentable, pero así es como somos!

  • Quiero agregar algo más, leyendo “pictures were the faces would move”, lo creo totalmente. El primer “milagro” que recibí para “caer” con el enemigo fue ver una foto de “jesús” (la tenía en mi Biblia, la que dicen es imagen del sudario) cuyos ojos eran castaños, pues bien, me dijeron un día que habría una señal y la señal fue que un ojo se tornó color celeste. eso es así, mi familia mis amistades, lo vieron y todos caímos como tontos ante el engaño.